Friday, February 3, 2012

mairack and player2 - Plain sessions: Volume One THE WORLD IS FLAT

Second release from Underground Alliance Records:

Plain sessions [Volume One]: THE WORLD IS FLAT is a 2 man project Atila Urban/DRUM:R[Syndetic Records, Coffeebreakstreet] and Vladimir Popovic/PLAYER TWO[ex-Fluid Underground]. Closed in an empty house on a Vojvodina plain in Horgos, Serbia, for 3 days with lots of wine and instruments we wanted to paint our brains on tracks and expand horizonts. It was jamming and brainstorming recorded. Colab between darkest crews from south and north Serbia and it was such fun and pure freedom. Hope u will enjoy it as much as we did making it. DRUM:R keyboards/programming/mixing/mastering PLAYER TWO keyboards/guitars/programming/vocals Aron Molnar photography Jovana Damnjanovic artwork special thanx Peter Klonka for one great live nite

released 03 February 2012



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