Thursday, May 21, 2015



Enter a dusty, damp room that was once a stable, in the year 2000. Inadvertently, one, A Stunned Visitor (Marko Marciuš), leaning over an electric guitar and one, Kramar Zaibatsu, in front of a rusty computer and a broken tape recorder, set the foundations of the aggregate that today bears the name of Far Go Traders. The music is specifically targeted for consumption in stores, lobbies, fast food joints and similar ritual structures. The purpose being to mesmerize as many sentient lifeforms in the vicinity and subsequently deprive them of their ability for critical thinking. They are mostly driven by the desire for money and glory.
Marko Marciuš, formerly known as Visitor Q etc., underwent classic musical education and studied the guitar by playing in bands and similar forms of co-operation. When not playing, he writes short stories and novels, of which some have been published. The rest of the time, he can be found wandering the Wastelands, where nothing can surprise him.
Kramar Zaibatsu, also known as Hiram Abiff, Grampa and Captain Paranoia, is most of the time involved in rearranging 0-s and 1-s. At an early age he was discharged from music school, under the rationale that he posseses no inborn sense of rhythm. With the help of machines he bridged his amusia and is actively involved in the arrangments for the coming reign of our new synthetic overlords.


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