Thursday, April 2, 2015

Underground Alliance VA EP 02


This is second of our VA EP's divided into genres. This part is oriented on ambient,downtempo,experiment..etc.
As usual, our VA EP's will feature many producers and artists from region of former Yugoslavia, who will trough our VA EP's present their work.
Here are producers who featured on this EP:

Real name Miroslav Jurić was born on the 24th of December 1987 in Banja Luka. In 1993. his family flead to Croatia because of the Bosnian war. At an early stage of his life he began to show interest in music. From the age of 6 he started singing in choirs and he sang in choirs untill he turned 14. Later on he learned how to play the guitar, keyboards and even some national croatian and bosnian instruments.
In High School his love of diverse directions in music and idols such as Tool, Aphex Twin or Radiohead lead him to the year 2002 when he became the lead vocal of a Croatian progressive metal bandcalled Work In Progress.
In the meantime, since 2004 , he started working on electronic music. For he was experimenting with various styles, his direction could be described as progressive electronica or something that unites IDM, glitch and breakcore.From the many musicians that have influenced him for years, the ones that stand out are Amon Autechre, Amon Tobin,
Venetian Snares, Art Of Noise and Pan Sonic. [Plus many many more.]
He also self-released two albums, selftitled HeadHunt3r and ('o4 - '10) CrapCollection & [5] Tags In Particular,which are finding their way to the listeners. Some of the promotion was done by Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares on his facebook fan-page, which helped a little bit with finding new listeners.Some of his tracks already became a part of certain DJ sets and complications [such as "Under Water Grounds" and "Kuća Obijesti I Bluda"] and his entire first album run on the waves of Croatian radio stations to far-away radio stations in Alaska.
Now, at the end of April, he's about to do re-release of HeadHunt3r album on TAOPUT, side label of Olivйr Dombi's @dx records. Besides that, his track "Kuća Obijesti I Bluda" shall be released
on VA compilation for Underground Alliance Records.

Recently I'm into slow things, that is experimental fusion between fast and unusual sounds with slow and unusual beats. I was into Drum and Bass earlier, but I like to experiment and make new, dark, melodic stuff right now. Hoping that I will make 4 new songs until end of this year.

Soundcloud -

Dagfin Kristof
Experimental project coming from the city of Sisak,Croatia.Making music since 2005.

Ogi feel the Beat
Producer/beatmaker from city of Paracin, Serbia.

Vacus Secreta
Dark ambient project with a scent of industrial and a shadow of powernoise. It's purpose is to be as raw and harsh as well as calm and soothing, hopefully at the same time. Drop all curtains and walls, transcend the genres and labels, listen and decide for yourself.

Cover design : Jovica Šević

Sunday, February 15, 2015



His first steps in sirious production was in 2004. First sirious works Dangerous Beat presented at the end of 2006. At the time he worked on the repeatative techno from the turn of the century , comercial hard trance and softer breakbeat. Later his sound was evolved in the wide range of music sound from ambiental sound, space notes, breakbeat hardcore, trip hop, dub, techno of earlier 90's, IDM, jungle, acid, breakcore, speedcore, various experimentation and harder noise. He is part of UA label and association. At the began of 2010. he started to play traditional jamaican drums and percussion and now he also also study about west Africa and oriental instruments.

Dangerous Beat Facebook page:
Dangerous Beat Soundcloud page:

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Thursday, November 13, 2014



GEL [GenomElectronics] is an electronic duo from Belgrade, Serbia. Working underground since 2013.

GEL on soundcloud:

GEL on facebook:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kℾ∆♏∆ℾ Z∆‡Ɓ∆†$U-ƁROKЄɴ ϨPЄЄCH †H▲† ‡ C▲ɴɴO† UɴđЄRϨ†▲ɴđ

Kramar Zaibatsu is an artist with a kaleidoscopic outlook on his music, a truly experimental performer that refuses to get stuck in a box, not only musically and conceptually, but also aesthetically, as testified by the parade of monikers he adopted throughout his varied career. Few artists on the music scene are willing to take such chances with their art.

His work even defies personal intention, as Kramar approaches his performance with a feel aching to automatic writing, bypassing rationality and exploring the hidden layers of consciousness on a deeper level.

Sonically, Kramar set out to deliver a blend of progressive, electronics, glitch, ambient and much more, as portrayed on his debut album "The Dark Enlightenment", which reads like an unpredictable flow of music, better enjoyed when listening to the album from start to bottom.

Find out more and let the tracks do the talking!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Producer from Montenegro.
Starts with production in 2002 as a member of several breakbeat and hip hop projects. In 2008 he started to produce independently as Optimus Prime .He participate on several compilations and albums in collaboration with the authors of the various electronics genres throughout the world ( Canada, USA , Australia, Japan, England , etc.).He also work with Masturbeator, producer from city of Bar,of the joint project called Polijester .
One of the founders of U.A. Records.

Optimus Prime on facebook::

Optimus Prime on soundcloud:

Monday, September 1, 2014



One of the founders of UA Records,Guitar & Bass player since 1997, first time appeared as a producer in 1999, co-producing debut album of a band named Piyumboo! in which h played bass. In 2001, he started producing some electronic music, from trip hop to drum & bass. In 2005, he joined Logical Dream, drum & bass project, also from Bar. It resulted with several projects, albums "Dream Has Begun" in 2006 and "Tomorrow" in 2010, series of remix works "Mixing Errors vol 1,2,3" and rising of drum & bass scene in Montenegro and region.During that time, he also played bass in a band called Nineangle. 2011 begun with a break up with Logical Dream, cause he wanted to remove all boundaries from his work and now he is producing various types of music and I work for several bands as a producer.His LP Victims Of The Evolution was published by U.A. Records.Right now, he is working on an electronic project that combines drum & bass with reggae, rock, oriental, dubstep & breakbeat.