Sunday, July 6, 2014



Sajkodog is independent and experimental project backed by Nikola Šimić.
Sajkodog is his alter-ego from the year 2005th.
Before that he was playing bass guitar as Nikola Šimić in a band Fakat Gras in Sarajevo till the 2002nd when he returns in Bihać and under its own name gathers RiramAnderKontrol.
With RAK he was performing till the year 2012th.
From the breaking year of 2005th Nikola and Sajkodog are sharing the same body but for the last two years Sajkodog enslaves body for its self and pile music masterpieces.
One of his faces you can meet on this record where he present songs made in cooperation with DBMY (aka. Dževad Macan) and ARIJANA who singed in RAK.
Sajkodog is now focused on producing and DJing and product of his work you can listen on the following links.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014



 Masturbeator is 28 year old electronic music producer and visual artist from Bar, Montenegro.
New EP ,with very interesting concept which explores the phenomenon of shadow people and sleep paralysis, from personal experience, through music.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014



His beginning steps in music were connected to the town of Herceg Novi-Montenegro. Nikola has no formal musical education, but he always felt the passion for the music with deeper emotional tone, whether it’s post-rock, ambient, experimental, or modern electronic dance music. The first musical influence on him has been made by the legends of electronic music, such as Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangelis Kraftwerk and many more. By the and of 90s he was obsessed with dance music, global rave movement and artists like Jam&Spoon, Paul Van Dyk, Chicane and many more.In the beginning of 2000s he began producing dance (trance) and ambient – down tempo music.

He has been producing trance actively since 2003 till 2008 under artist name “Krivi”, specially orienting himself on hard energetic and emotive trance music. Debut track ‘Dreams’ was the first release of the label Total Digital, and it has gained a huge support by top DJs in the world, including Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Above&Beyond and many more.

After ‘Dreams’, there was a plenty of tracks signed for other international labels. ‘Sunrise in Boka’ is supported by Paul Oakenfold, ‘Surreal Skies’ is supported by Ferry Corsten, ‘Reliving those years’ is played by Above&Beyond and so on.

Ambient tracks like ‘Adriatic’ (Shah Music, Germany) ended up on various Ibiza and chillout compilations. Track Krivi – Adriatic is still big success with nearly 40000 views on Youtube.

In the 2013. he started exploring different types of music and focused himself mainly on ambiental and downtempo style. Playing with the local post-rock experimental band Silence&Feedback he started experimenting with music boundaries fusing different music styles together, as well as composing his own pieces.
In april 2014. the first solo album “30″ under new artist name KRUSTY including 9 ambient, mellow chillout tracks was released by the Clubland records (Hamburg, Germany). Currently, he is planning to work on scores, soundtracks and game music.

He occasionally works as a DJ and host, currently hosting monthly show of Electronic Dance Music / Trance Session at the Youth Cultural Center Herceg Novi, where he is also engaged as a Program Manager and electronic music workshop facilitator.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014



One man project by the Croatian musician also known as Void (ex-Mentalny Kolaps, ex-Seppuku Syndrome).

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Cover photo by Axel Rouvin

Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Mr.Spookz, is a Serbian musician, composer and poet.
His music style mixes elements of Eastern and Western traditional music culture with modern rhythms and bass lines. Psychedelic atmosphere in his songs takes the listener on a wonderful journey, refreshes and excites the senses and brings peace and tranquility.
As a very good friend of imagination, Mr.Spookz breaks the boundaries between reality and dream, and combines them into a completely new experience...

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Thursday, March 27, 2014



Ileidos as ancient alchemical therm represents an active essence of Elemental Air.
Behind the project Ileidos is Darko Vuckovic, visual artist from Podgorica.
This experimental musical concept involves the everlasting journey throughout inner worlds, dreams and long forgotten memories in strong connection with nature and elemental forces, all encompassed in mesmerizing and repetitive sound structures.

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Monday, March 10, 2014



 Masturbeator is 27 year old electronic music producer and visual artist from Bar, Montenegro.
Remixture 2 is the second album of remixes by Masturbeator.

Disclaimer:These remixes are free for download and free to use,none of these remixes are made for commercial use or money earning,not by us or anyone else in association.
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