Monday, September 1, 2014



One of the founders of UA Records,Guitar & Bass player since 1997, first time appeared as a producer in 1999, co-producing debut album of a band named Piyumboo! in which h played bass. In 2001, he started producing some electronic music, from trip hop to drum & bass. In 2005, he joined Logical Dream, drum & bass project, also from Bar. It resulted with several projects, albums "Dream Has Begun" in 2006 and "Tomorrow" in 2010, series of remix works "Mixing Errors vol 1,2,3" and rising of drum & bass scene in Montenegro and region.During that time, he also played bass in a band called Nineangle. 2011 begun with a break up with Logical Dream, cause he wanted to remove all boundaries from his work and now he is producing various types of music and I work for several bands as a producer.His LP Victims Of The Evolution was published by U.A. Records.Right now, he is working on an electronic project that combines drum & bass with reggae, rock, oriental, dubstep & breakbeat.


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