Sunday, July 6, 2014



Sajkodog is independent and experimental project backed by Nikola Šimić.
Sajkodog is his alter-ego from the year 2005th.
Before that he was playing bass guitar as Nikola Šimić in a band Fakat Gras in Sarajevo till the 2002nd when he returns in Bihać and under its own name gathers RiramAnderKontrol.
With RAK he was performing till the year 2012th.
From the breaking year of 2005th Nikola and Sajkodog are sharing the same body but for the last two years Sajkodog enslaves body for its self and pile music masterpieces.
One of his faces you can meet on this record where he present songs made in cooperation with DBMY (aka. Dževad Macan) and ARIJANA who singed in RAK.
Sajkodog is now focused on producing and DJing and product of his work you can listen on the following links.


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