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Dangerous Beat
His first steps in sirious production was in 2004. First sirious works Dangerous Beat presented at the end of 2006. At the time he worked on the repeatative techno from the turn of the century , comercial hard trance and softer breakbeat. Later his sound was evolved in the wide range of music sound from ambiental sound, space notes, breakbeat hardcore, trip hop, dub, techno of earlier 90's, IDM, jungle, acid, breakcore, speedcore, various experimentation and harder noise. He is part of UA label and association. At the began of 2010. he started to play traditional jamaican drums and percussion and now he also also study about west Africa and oriental instruments.

First music steps was made in the 2006. when he met works on the DAW's. At the start he worked on the psy trance, goa trance, hardcore and electro. Nowadays he make hip hop, dub, dubstep, dnb & jungle music. Also in the free time he play melodica and bongos. Symtrax have few official realised project like beat for mc Daxx album „Radi se o tebi“ for song „Radi se o tebi“, dnb rmx of the „Robot“ song from music band Line Out and single which were made in collaboration with Dangerous Beat for UA records compilation.

Symtrax and Dangerous Beat was met on the social network known as UNDERGROUND ALLIANCE in the 2012. In the 2013. they got idea to make dub/UK dub tune for UA records compilation competition. After they realised song for UA Earth compilation they made another song for EP project „Let's Dub It“.

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