Sunday, January 15, 2012

5ò0â¬Ë+Ã2ÿ3â8õ2: A Compilation of Databending Sounds

"The word of Allah written in the rising sun" by Cursed Hebenon
"Reversible V" by RJ Myato. Databent sources, metal, square/sawtooth waves.
"A Fistful of Data" by A.R.GH
"Eroded Chains" by Compactor
"Well Fed and Warm" by Awesome Bin Laden
"Wasted in Chrome, Luminous Flesh" by Divine Shell
"The Banded Giant" by Flower Mountain
"Lord of the Flies" by oneirothopter
"Keymap to my Heart" by loopool
"If you bend me I don't breakcore" by Dust Cult
"A Comprehensive Guide To The Dismantling Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction" by Raven
"I Stayed In The Apartment For Thirty-Two Days Without Leaving (excerpt; 02:06:00 - 02:13:00, of 02:49:27)" by Richard Kamerman
"An Audacious Agreement I" by Bonehole
"The Tiger Dander Sessions" by The Smudge


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